Some Drama


We were angry with the pee sticks because I was obviously ovulating (temp down, cervix open, clear stretchy mucous) so we abandoned them and did our inseminations as Dr. Brandy said I was definitely ovulating even though somehow the pee sticks didn’t work. 

But last night I thought I felt an ovulation pain on the left side (I thought it was my right side when we inseminated) and so when my temp went back down this morning and my cervix was still soft (but no more clear mucous) I thought I may as well pee on a stick even though we have no more sperm at the house to put in. Well, it was positive for the first time. OMG.

Of course the big fear is that I had some kind of wierd early signs when we inseminated and we somehow missed the egg and now all of the sperm is dead inside me and now I’m actually about to ovulate later today or tomorrow. If that were true, I’d be ovulating four days later than I ever have before.

The other possibility is that I am ovulating twice this month, one out of each ovary. (when she saw one of my cycle charts for a previous month a while ago, the doc. said she thought that had happened.) If that is the case as I hope it is, I am grateful that the sperm we injected are by now all dead because that’s how you get natural fraternal twins-with totally different due dates. 

In either case, should we have another vial overnighted to inseminate tomorrow in case somehow we “premature inseminated”?

On another note, we were also angry throughout the gay pride parade yesterday when everyone was smoking away and I estimated I had second-hand smoked at least two whole cigarettes putting me in danger of ectopic pregnancy and birth defects. I do think smoking should be illegal in public, on streets. It is not fair to cause someone else asthma, allergies or possible birth defects because you hate yourself and want to die a slow death.


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