-24hrs Till Test


Technically I can take a pregnancy test now. I range from 27-31 days and today was day 28. But I’ve been too scared to be dissapointed so I’m putting it off until maybe tomorrow(sat) morning or later- the earlier you do it, the more chance of a false negative. False negatives are very common. False positives are very uncommon. If it is negative, I will be more confused than sad.

I don’t really know what to say. Either I am pregnant or this is the most awful 6 days of PMS I’ve ever had. I can’t sit comfortably, pants and underwear feel terrible and I seem to have gained 5 pounds (again, maybe I’m just getting fat) I usually have cramps and bloating for a half of a day only. If I’m not pregnant, I will have to assume that the sperm we shot into me only managed to ruin my 14 year stretch exremely minimal PMS.

However, if I am pregnant, K.  has to look me in the eye and say to me, “You are not a hypochondriac. You know your body very well and I will always believe you from now on.”  -while keeping a straight face. She also has to buy me a pedicure because my lower belly feels too tight to sit on the edge of the tub and bend over to do it myself. And in my ideal world I would also get a massage and lots of “roll-top” pants.


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