Peer Pressure and Pregnant



It’s hard to see here, but though it’s a faint pink line, it’s a pink line and I’m Pregnant. No joke. First try. K. says I’m an over-achiever. Thank you, God!

We need all prayers to make sure all goes well! Due date March 20 (though we hope for any time after that so it will be an Aries like K.

I was going to wait till the morning but we went to Tea’s house with Nora and had a fun time till they all decided to go buy me a test and make me take it in Tea’s bathroom. I didn’t believe it and kept yelling for them to re-read anything about if the line was lighter than the control line. Any pink line at all means pregnant, however. That was with a full glass of water in my tummy and barely any time to accumulate hormone so we’re thinking there will be another darker line in the morning!

Tea gave me roses from the yard and two pieces of her baby Chloe’s newborn clothes, and lots of books to read.

 Both sets of parents are out of town in florida and in the california mountains so who knows when they will recieve contact!


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