Still Pregnant


This morning’s test on the digital stick is easier to see in photo! I’m still pregnant! haha. I am so amazed at how many early symptoms (I didn’t even know you could have early symptoms before this month!)  I won’t spare any grossness to list them because I’m so proud of and in love with my body:

Cramping, Bloating, Constipation, Frequent Urination, Aversion to smells, Craving, Appetite Increase, Weight gain, Nipple tingle and sensitivity, vagina smells like fruit (just like they said in the movie Away We Go), moodiness, intuitive feeling, “twinges” of pulling on either side of the uterus as the ligaments stretch, breast enlargement, hot flashes, sweating.

Now I get to go to Prenatal Yoga Secret Society and say I’m actually pregnant this time! I get a my pedicure, new bras, comfortable pants and lots of groceries.

Now I’m worried it’s twins since it’s growing so fast and I ovulated twice this month. Oy.


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2 Responses to Still Pregnant

  1. Melissa says:

    congratulations to both of you!
    i am so excited for you, and for your baby on the way, for it to be welcomed into such loving, attentive, wise, creative, open arms!


  2. Rocki says:

    I ditto what my daughter said. She puts things into words much better than I do. Congratulations! Better get my crochet and knitting needles clicking!


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