Telling On Ourselves


We did it. We put it on facebook because as much as it might be “right” to be cautionary, it has never been either of our styles to keep secrets. Karolyn pressured me because she’s a proud Poppy and I said okay because I couldn’t think of anything non-baby related to post on facebook and felt like people thought I’d fallen off the planet. There is only so much you can say about eating garden veggies.

The prenatal yoga teacher whose class I’d ungestationally crashed a bunch of times recently knew I was pregnant when I walked in the door yesterday, before I told her.  I think prenatal yoga teachers are magic now that I know three of them. Now I can officially go to my friend Kristin’s class and we can have meals before and after which will make our weekly dates easier for both!

K got me my promised pedicure but I put some shea butter for stretch marks on the credit card too. And she brought me home a gorgeous pair of champagne colored earrings from my favorite jewlery designer! I’m an awfully lucky chubby progesterone machine!


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