My Sweet Little Parasite

Thursday I’ll take the blood test to see about twins. It measures HgC , a pregnancy  hormone. Unfortunately the high level that would indicate twins could also mean ectopic pregnancy, downs syndrome, cancer or normal pregnancy. What?! What good is that? I guess I take the test and hope the levels are normal and then just leave it alone from there. If it’s high I guess then we do the trans-vaginal ultrasound downtown.

I’ve been thinking a lot about connecting with the baby. I always thought I would be able to feel a connection right away because I have always wanted to be pregnant, love babies and think I’m a spiritual person (so I could “feel” the spirit of the baby?).

Instead, at this point it’s as if all I have is a paracite and I am the host. I mean it REALLY feels like that. It’s sucking my blood, sucking my energy, making me eat copious amounts, making my abdomen grow and making me feel nauseous at dinner time. I’m sorry but that is called a parasitic relationship -not at all symbiotic and more like a tape worm. I guess it will be symbiotic if I start feeling fabulous or something.

This is the middle of week 5. When week 6 begins my risk of miscarriage is cut in half so I’m being extra good to myself this week!  Current name for the baby is Little Shrimp.

Our names are solidly picked out for boy and girl.

Jack Arthur Hicks and Iris Elizabeth Hicks.


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One Response to My Sweet Little Parasite

  1. octopusmama says:

    LOVE those names!!! Not that it matters what anyone else thinks 😉


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