Not So Pleasant Post.

Well, the morning sickess is real and true and most of the day, though never ever in the mornings. And I actually lose my food, sometimes a few times a day. And I really thought for sure this wouldn’t happen to me.

They say they don’t know what causes it, but I am a believer in the two main theories: low blood sugar (sometimes once you’ve eaten, but you didn’t eat “in time”) and also the “relaxed sphincter” situation which is slowing the bowels causing constipation but helping the baby get nutrients- also relaxes the esophageal sphincter.

Household cleaning products, even natural ones- really don’t help. I got the house clean and sparkly but it made me very ill and cranky.

What helps me: Staying in the air conditioning. Eating chocolate. Laying down. groaning. Antacids are not reccomended. I hate ginger. But I keep meaning to and get those “sea-bands”. And I also keep meaning to get “dried plums.”

On another note: I feel vulnerable confessing this but I’ve been having some emotional moments where I feel like I might actually benefit from a therapist. I am having some issues with guilt about things I might somehow to do harm the baby or cause a miscarriage and I obsess about it. Even when I have done all I can it seems not enough and I just constantly dwell on whether something bad is about to happen. This is not so very much like me at all, but it was pointed out that it might be “very jewish.”  Like waiting for the other shoe to drop when good things happen. Like worrying that bad things will be all your fault becausee you weren’t superstitious enough.


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