Update from the Hospital

After excruciating days and  hours of gall bladder attacks during early labor at home, I loved the contractions but could not endure the gall bladder pain and sleeplessness anymore and was unable to really eat or drink. I checked into Swedish Hospital to try and get pain meds for the attacks and eventually was admitted to labor and delivery. A  combo of pain management and my doula’s massage stopped the gall bladder attack (at least for a while now but there is a large stone blocking a duct now and threat of Pancreatitis). The doctors really want to get this baby out so we did some minor induction techniques. I kept contracting strongly and doing well with it but as of this morning though my cervix is 90 percent effaced, my cervix won’t dilate more than 2cm. Though terrifying to me, I am basically being told the baby needs to come out before another attack comes on and I need the drug Pitocin to get harder contractions to make my cervix dilate more. So we’re starting it mildly and you likely won’t hear from me until there is somehow a baby Iris produced from my body. Please do not call to check in on the birth status. I have great support and facebook will be updated and calls made when Iris is born.

feelings: confusion, sadness, wanting the baby out…


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4 Responses to Update from the Hospital

  1. Ophelia says:

    hey momma,
    thanks for the update. i’m sorry that things are so difficult for you right now. i wish there were things that i could say or do to help this process along for you. we’ve come along way, my friend and i am confident that with a little more time, iris will be here and this challenging time will be forgotten. please call or email anytime, for anything. (we) love you very much. don’t be scared. you have so many people who love you and you are in good hands at the hospital. i believe in you.


  2. Aleta says:

    We’re thinking of you all. Good job getting this far on your own! We love you guys!


  3. Ruby says:

    Luck and love to all of you! Happy early birthday, Iris!


  4. eyesmouth says:

    love your baby Iris and you too, Moorea.



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