Potty Savvy! August 28th, tell your friends!

Potty Savvy, my early potty workshop is now ready for people to sign up at birth and beyond! http://www.birthandbeyond.com/pottysavvy.html

This is exciting for me beyond words. You know how much I love to teach a workshop. I consider having a fully potty savvy 15monther who wears big girl panties as one of the great accomplishments of my life, one of the biggest surprises, and an excellent experience in parent-child bonding!!



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6 Responses to Potty Savvy! August 28th, tell your friends!

  1. Leah says:

    So so cool. I’ve kind of been avoiding thinking about this subject for Cora, knowing that with her expected delays who know how potty training will fit into that. It’s funny- since I try not to obsess about milestones as a defense mechanism I really probably obsess about them even more. But I did recently read of a child with Down syndrome who went through early potty training. Definitely gives me food for thought. I guess maybe I expect too much to be different.


    • mooreamalatt says:

      Leah, great article. I think Cora can be potty savvy before any of her other friends. Learning how to be clean and dry is easier for anybody who starts at the right time (at the time when they start to be able to hold it longer!) and a very important part of being a human. From what I have read, (I will send you some info about a book or two) you might not have to expect developmental delays in the potty arena just because of downs. It is of course good to be ready for any challenge, but there is no reason why Cora can’t be exceptional in exceptionally advanced ways too!


  2. Julie Lawrence says:

    I’m really interested in this workshop and the idea of early potty training. My son is 13mo old and is in day care full time, so I feel like potty training is more in their hands than mine since I can’t be with him for 40hrs/week. Is it possible to use your method under these circumstances or I should I accept that early training is only an option for people with flexible schedules?


  3. Robynn Patrick says:

    This workshop filled quickly and I didn’t get a spot 😥 Please do it again SOON!!!


  4. Robynn Patrick says:

    Or if you could squeeze me in…


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