Creepy Hair Keepsakes

I’m one of those ladies who bought a milk pendant- a necklace I wear around my neck with with my very own milk trapped inside of a resin heart, to remember that part of mothering.

Apparently I am also one of those ladies who makes creepy keepsakes out of things like hair and teeth.

I gave Iris her first haircut recently at 3 years and 3 months old. It was a total mullet and I just cut off the back to even it out into a cute little French girl bob. But I couldn’t bear to part with any of those curls. So I made curl swatches for family members. I first taped the ends together as soon as they came off of the head. Then, when I had time, I glued the tops of the swatches into some hair clips to keep them together and keep hair from ever falling out. I then put them in little gauze bags to keep and give away. When Iris gave my mom the swatch in the light colored flower clip that was mine from my own babyhood, she cried. curlswatches

Then, there were all of these random curls left. So I made art with the help of my little one herself.


Then I Framed It.

And here is my little curly girl! We care for her hair by finger-combing every night with detangler, washing only every two or three nights, never a brush or a comb which would break the hair and cause pain.



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