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Don’t Hide the Veggies: Radical Tips for Preventing and Ending Picky Eating

I call these tips radical because though I feel they are gentle, respectful, safe, proven, and effective, they are not the permissive, unhealthy, sneaky, and coercive methods that you  read just about everywhere else these days!  We will start with … Continue reading

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Original SIDS Researcher Says Baby Bed-sharing is Not Dangerous

The same doctor who made SIDS known to the American public believes that bedsharing with your baby is not dangerous. You heard that right. Dr. Abraham B. Bergman was the first president of the National SIDS Foundation. He got SIDS … Continue reading

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How to Gently Stop Nail-Biting with Children

I’ve helped a few families stop the nail biting, without chemicals or punishment. Here are is a step-by-step plan and the ideas that have worked best. 1) Pay Attention. Nail biting is a nervous/anxious behavior and should be looked at … Continue reading

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7 Ways Parenthood Made Me A Better Person

How did becoming a parent change you? I’m inspired by this HuffPost article When Will I Feel Like Myself Again After Baby? The answer is NEVER. And I’m so glad because now i’m: 1) Patient. In ever area of my life now. … Continue reading

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It Is Okay to Help Your Baby Walk: A Scientific Perspective

Is it okay to hold your baby’s hands to help him walk? Apparently the topic is up for debate. The RIE article by Janet Lansbury called 9 Reasons Not To Walk Your Baby  is a stance tha she admits on … Continue reading

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10 Dental Health Tips for Toddlers

Cavities can sneak up on your family quickly!  I thought my 4-year-old had great brushing habits, but it wasn’t enough! You already know that lots of sugar, fruit and carbs can cause cavities, but I was even told that my … Continue reading

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Discipline: It’s What’s For Dinner?

Recently, an esteemed parenting author wrote this meme and put it onto Facebook then quickly removed it due to negative feedback (like mine!) :                 This was my response: Moorea Malatt: Wow. Your … Continue reading

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