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8 Brilliant Non-Toy Gifts for Baby

Just what do you buy for a baby outside of a board book or the same ole’ little toy? Here’s a list of thoughtful presents. Your family asking for hints? Send this article to them before the holidays! Enrichment Classes: … Continue reading

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Why I Teach Songs and ASL Together

This is the story of how I got started teaching music and sign classes to parents, babies, and toddlers. When I became a parent, I used music and sign language as a means to introduce my baby to French and … Continue reading

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It Is Okay to Help Your Baby Walk: A Scientific Perspective

Is it okay to hold your baby’s hands to help him walk? Apparently the topic is up for debate. The RIE article by Janet Lansbury called 9 Reasons Not To Walk Your Baby ┬áis a stance tha she admits on … Continue reading

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My First Stitch Fix: I Now Have A Personal Shopper!

I Joined Stitch-Fix. Really. In my “feminist/riotgrrl/anti-consumerist” head, I imagined stitch fix to be slightly akin to say, joining Mary Kay, Avon or Melaleuca. A few friends signed up and I scoffed, but then my stylish friend Tea signed up. … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Encouraging Your Toddler to Play Alone

  Almost all of my parent coaching clients eventually ask this one question: “Is there a normal amount of time my toddler should be able to play alone?” There is no normal amount time a todder or preschooler of a … Continue reading

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Moving With Children: 7 Tips for a Gentle Relocation

  1) Pre-Game Chat and Pack. Let your child help pack up her own things. She will take them out of the box again for sure so you can just let it happen like a game or act quickly with … Continue reading

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Creepy Hair Keepsakes

I’m one of those ladies who bought a milk pendant- a necklace I wear around my neck with with my very own milk trapped inside of a resin heart, to remember that part of mothering. Apparently I am also one … Continue reading

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Rare Books We Love

Books, they help me power through hours, days and months with a toddler. Are you tired of Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You? Here are some RARE Books We Love: A Fairy Went A-Marketing. Likely my very … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Managing Screen Time for Tots

Check our my new article over on Natural Parents Network! I would love for you to comment over there on what screen time looks like at your home? Do you use it for a purpose like getting laundry folded?

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The Joy of Window Markers

Before the sun came out just now it was just another rainy day at our home in Seattle. Window markers have been the absolute best activity for my little artist at home. I also use them at my storefront school. … Continue reading

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