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Don’t Hide the Veggies: Radical Tips for Preventing and Ending Picky Eating

I call these tips radical because though I feel they are gentle, respectful, safe, proven, and effective, they are not the permissive, unhealthy, sneaky, and coercive methods that you  read just about everywhere else these days!  We will start with … Continue reading

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Strawberry Shortcake! (Gluten, Dairy and Cane Sugar-Free!)

My daughter, obsessed with the sweet little strawberry shortcake cartoons and her Strawberry Shortcake “Smelly doll” just like I had when I was a girl, had been asking what strawberry shortcake dessert was. But she’s allergic to dairy and cane … Continue reading

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Toddler Savvy Smoothies: For Healthy Weight Gain

Designed to pack fat, protein and calories into your little one!  I created these smoothies based on advice from a nutritionist when I was trying to pack weight onto my tiny little one some years ago. These are the recipes I … Continue reading

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Curly’s Coconut Carrot Cake Muffins with Honey Frosting

Curly’s Coconut Carrot Cake Muffins with Honey Frosting So good you will say:  “There is no way these are vegan, gluten free, cane sugar-free, and full of protein and fiber.”   Dry Ingredients: 1/3 cup of brown rice flour 1/3cup … Continue reading

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Bonne fête ! My Crepes Recipe GF/CSF/DF

Gluten Free, Cane Sugar Free, Dairy Free. Crepes. Happy Bastile Day 2012~ My daughter requests these every single day. I say yes a few times a week and we make them together. She does all of the pouring and whisking … Continue reading

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Angel Food Cake!! Traditional and GF/SF versions!

If you know me, you know that I am not suzy homemaker when it comes to cooking and baking. I do it only once or twice a month! My wonderful wife is the chef. But this weekend, you can find … Continue reading

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Holiday Parenting: The Gift of Natural Play

Welcome to the December Mindful Mama Carnival: Staying Mindful During the Holiday Season This post was written for inclusion in the Mindful Mama Carnival hosted by Becoming Crunchy and TouchstoneZ. This month our participants have shared how they stay mindful … Continue reading

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Airing Out The House

One way to feel healthy this winter is to prevent our homes from becoming stagnant and smelly. Fresh air will help to clear germs and make everything smell better. Here in Seattle, this was our last sunny day above 50 … Continue reading

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