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8 Brilliant Non-Toy Gifts for Baby

Just what do you buy for a baby outside of a board book or the same ole’ little toy? Here’s a list of thoughtful presents. Your family asking for hints? Send this article to them before the holidays! Enrichment Classes: … Continue reading

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Why I Teach Songs and ASL Together

This is the story of how I got started teaching music and sign classes to parents, babies, and toddlers. When I became a parent, I used music and sign language as a means to introduce my baby to French and … Continue reading

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Rare Books We Love

Books, they help me power through hours, days and months with a toddler. Are you tired of Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You? Here are some RARE Books We Love: A Fairy Went A-Marketing. Likely my very … Continue reading

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First Day of Preschool: Attachment Parenting Win!

Attachment parenting has been so wonderful. Although time and energy intensive at first, the benefits of attachment are superb as time goes on. My favorite one to date: Taking my daughter to her first day of preschool/camp. She  is 28months … Continue reading

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Chalk Outlines of Bodies

Not that kind! I’ve  love our house but I’ve always hated our kitchen tile floor. It is brown which I abhor and it is so hard that we need special squishy mats so that we don’t feel REALLY OLD IN … Continue reading

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Kundalini Yoga with Kids!

Did you see my post last week on Natural Parents Network?!

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Like a Turtle: The Sleep Learning Process

And by “like a turtle”, I just mean SLOW and STEADY wins the gentle parenting race. Long ago, I posted this article on our first “sleep training” process which was not the typical sleep training at all but more of … Continue reading

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Teaching Virtue for the Holidays

I believe the holidays should make us think and help us teach what is important, regardless of which holiday you celebrate. Virtue=Moral Excellence, Goodness, Righteousness. But I particularly like the word “Goodness”. And not as the opposite of the Bad which Santa … Continue reading

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Mon Bebe Parle Francais: Language, Song and ASL

Or-How I Teach Our Toddler Language through Music and Sign Iris singing in her “chapeau” I have used music and sign language as a means introduce Iris to French and other languages. Since I teach a baby music class called Lullabees that has … Continue reading

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